Check Out 8 Types Of Trending Indian Sarees To Wear For All Occasions

Indian sarees

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Indian Kerala Sarees, an outstanding expression of the Indian woman, reflect culture, dignity, identity, grace, and elegance. It's not just a piece of cloth. It blends warmth, love, loyalty, and divinity—a symbol of femininity and confidence. Sarees are a real reflection of a woman's emotions and illustrations of timeless moods. There is such a vibrant range of varieties of Indian traditional sarees in Indian wardrobes.

We will take a walk through the diversity of sarees for women.
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Cotton-Silk Sarees

blue and white colour cotton silk indian saree

It's the most comfortable saree. cool, light, and great feel of breathability. Easy to wear, ethnic look climate Cotton material is perfect for casual party wear. It's perfect for our summer climate. Its natural blend of silk and cotton fibers protects our skin from allergies and other skin ailments. It keeps our skin fresh and fragrant during the summer, winter, and monsoon. It's lightweight and wrinkle-free.

Embroidery sarees

embroidary sarees

Embroidery sarees look elegant with their rich sewing of adornments like pearls, mirrors, sequins, metal stripes, and beads. Its ornamental designs and flowing texture portray a classy look.

Partywear embroidery sarees

This is really stunning stuff, which is decorated with booti, resham work, gotta patti, zardozi, and Banarasi, some of the historic embroidery designs with exotic gara borders. Its real specialty is the most attractive border design.

Tussar silk sarees

traditional indian tussar silk saree

The vibrant color blends with cotton wool, linen, or other silks. It really has thermal properties that keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. Its smooth, soft texture provides gentle comfort for your skin. Their perfect breathability makes them the best companions in any climate. Tussar silk sarees' durability is shorter than that of other silk sarees. Its golden sheen flow allures the mass attention of the great audience. This is most comfortable, wrinkle-free, drape-free, and easy-to-wear saree.

Designer sarees 

indian designer sarees

This type of saree is crafted by fashion designers, specialists, and skilled artisans. They are experts in their intricate and unique designs. Especially with elaborate embroidery, embellishments, and creative patterns, skilled artisans spend months, and sometimes more than months, crafting these stunning sarees painstakingly on handwoven traditional looms. Each saree is crafted with warm dedication and priceless effort. It's in a different style. Neofusion and contemporary digital designs are available in our indian sarees collections

Banaras sarees

indian banarasi sarees

The finest sarees are made in Varanasi, an ancient city that is also called Benares (Banaras). These sarees are among the finest sarees in India and are well known for their silver, gold, brocade, and zari work with soft, fine, shiny silk and luxurious embroidery. Its natural handwork and excellent embroidery set it apart from any other textures and designs. Its brocade motifs, exclusive stuff, intricate designs, and quality craftsmanship, especially Mughal-inspired floral designs such as "kalga and bel, This fabric has a thick ply, which makes it heavy and more durable. Its twisting yarns give the fabric a crinkly surface. Always check the reverse

side of the saree and look for the pin markings.

Banaras georgette sarees 

Rich in colors with heritage designs. It's a beautiful mixture of comfort and swag. It's really gorgeous. Banarasi georgette sarees are traditionally woven using the finest soft silk yarn.

The luster is splendor. Its texture is sheer, lightweight crepe fabric. An outstanding and pleasing personality looks flowing from these glossy, enticing sarees.

Red banarasi sarees

Stunning coral look. Red means cardinal. This red color represents divine shine and is a favorite for rare and rich occasions. Its flamy red color makes your figure more shiny and vibrant. This beautiful Banaras soft, light, shiny, and fine-quality silk saree is suitable for our bridal celebrations and our sweet, memorable functions.  The luxurious, smooth, glowing banaras saree is now the trendy and charming collection of our Indian wardrobes. Just collect your eye-catching banarasi saree for yourself and for your treasured saree wardrobe. Red Banarasi sarees foster Indian tradition, especially for celebrations and bridal occasions.

Red Banarasi sarees are our Utsav fashion symbol of Indian culture. The vivid red color is a symbol of passion and prosperity.

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