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Light Blue Stone Angelite Crystal Bracelet

Light Blue Stone Angelite Crystal Bracelet

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Angelite Crystal Bracelet

Angelite, also known as the stone of awareness, is a beautiful pale blue Stone crystal that has gained fame in the jewelry world. It raises the spirit of conscious awareness. It boots psychic healing and telepathic communication and strengthens astral journeys and soul journeys.

By wearing Angelite crystal bracelets, you can tap into the higher realms and gain insights that will guide you on your spiritual journey. You may experience a release of positive emotions that allow for emotional growth and healing.


  • Stone Type: Natural Stone
  • Stone color : Light Blue Stone
  • Style:18 cm & 19 cm / Wrist size:17 & 18
  • Bead Size: 8mm & 10mm
  • Beads count: 22 & 19
  • Beads shape: Rounded
  • Type: Elasticated Rope

*Please Note:
To sustain the life of your Angelite bracelet, we recommend that you do not swim, or shower with your Crystal Bracelet on. Exposure to water can weaken the band and knots. We also recommend taking your bracelet off before going to sleep and not stretching or playing with your bracelet to limit the chances of it getting caught on something and snapping the band.

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